I’m currently running product management at Meroxa. Meroxa’s focus is making real-time data processing accessible to software developers. There’s a number of products that we’re building to accomplish that task like Conduit, an open source tool to move data between production data stores, and Meroxa Platform, a fully managed real-time data pipeline experience.

Before Meroxa, I led product at many well known developer brands like Heroku and GitHub. In these roles, I honed my skills around what it takes to build great developer experiences. Prior to these roles, I’ve spent time as an engineer at early stage startups, programming SAS and COBOL on mainframes, and even taking a small detour to get an MBA.

I’m a midwesterner by heart but the SF Bay Area is home. I’m always up for a mountain bike ride up Mt Tam or around Tamarancho almost any day of the week. If you’re ever so inclined, I’m always up for a group ride! Reach out to me @neovintage.

You can find me over on Twitter or via email at neovintage@gmail.com.