neovintage by Rimas Silkaitis


If you haven’t had a chance to read it, I would recommend checking out the The Product Manifesto written by Marty Cagan at the Silicon Valley Product Group. Marty defines a manifesto as a public declartion of principles, beliefs, and intentions. His definition of Manifesto is specific to the products being worked on as part of the team which can ultimately define the product strategy. Using the same approach to a personal set of principles allows me to articulate how I approach product, the experiences I want to create for customers and the teams I want to build product with. As a product person, my principles should be malleable and evolve over time.

On Product

  • If nobody's using it, it's not a product
  • First, write down the problem
  • Be empathetic: Talk to customers. Understand and feel their pains as directly as possible
  • Remember, you are not the user
  • Be consistent
  • Be proactive
  • Be responsible for what you do
  • Products that aren't growing become less relevant over time
  • Big projects are shipped in many small pieces
  • Bugs and infrastructure work should be treated and prioritized like any feature related work

On Teams

  • Clear boundaries around product surface area are needed to allow teams to build effective solutions
  • Disassociate the problem from the implementation. Let the team come up with the best solution.
  • Pager and operational burden are real
  • With any new team, define a shared set of values for how we operate as a team and build product