neovintage by Rimas Silkaitis


The thread that’s progressed throughout my career has been data. I’ve worked with data in some capacity in everything that I’ve done, from building data warehouses to engineering vehicle pricing APIs to bringing data-centric products to market. I work with the team @heroku to build the best data platform to enable developers and enterprises to effortlessly manage their most valueable resource. The Bay Area has been home for a while now even though I always think of Chicago as my first home.

But tech isn’t the only thing that I’m passionate about. I tend to have an affinity for the old world or vintage:

  • I’ve had a crazy idea for a butter business and I have a book of recipies to prove it
  • Pretzel making is something of a passion
  • I used to teach ballroom dance lessons in college
  • Go Liverpool!

Feel free to reach out to me at, twitter or quora if you want to talk data.